The Modern Desk June 09 2014


I think that the concept of a traditional desk is over. First, all of the objects that someone might have legitimately had on their desk 20 years ago (i.e. documents, calendars, papers, books, photos of family, letters) have been digitized and are now somehow available in the shining pixels of your computer screen. When is the last time that you picked up a book, found the information you were looking for, put down that book, then transferred that information to the computer?

Second, computers are getting smaller every day. If I were to throw my old Pentium 100 from my 10th story window, its size and weight could crush a transport truck. In contrast, if I threw my current laptop out of the window, it would probably just start floating around in the wind, like the plastic bag in American Beauty. 

So, if computers now hold all of the objects we used to keep on our desk, and they're getting smaller and smaller, WHY do we still need a big ol’ desk to hold it?

My parents have a full office in their house, complete with 2 L-shaped desks (or one enormous C-shaped desk), filing cabinets, printers, a drafting table, computers and bookshelves, but they prefer to use their laptops in the living room, just like everybody else. Their big and wonderful office is now just a place that holds the stamps. 

Computers are no longer being used exclusively for work, they’ve become a part of everyday life. It no longer makes sense to isolate your computer to an office, away from the main living areas of your home.

We designed our wall-mounted standing desk to fit the size and aesthetic of your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or home office. The upper desktop surface is designed to hold your laptop or tablet at the height of your eyes, while the lower desktop surface is meant to hold your keyboard, mouse and coffee, around the height of your elbows. This ergonomic positioning will allow you to avoid the nasty and unwanted health effects of a day spent sitting down.

In a standing position, you’ll find that you’re more able to walk around, bounce, dance and keep your body active, compared to a full day of sitting. When you’d like to rest your feet, just take your laptop to the nearest chair or couch for a break. If you decide that you need some extra room, the upper and lower desktop surfaces are both removable, leaving you with a shapely wooden conversation starter on your wall.

Until all of our computers are wearable, we still need desks. I believe that the desks that we need are small and will allow us to stand as we work. Have a look at our desk, to see what I’m talking about. 





photo credit: Amanda Schutz via photopin cc