About Us

As an Occupational Therapist (OT) and ergonomic assessor, I have seen some disturbing ergonomic situations. I started writing a blog to bring awareness and information to my friends, family, and extensive readership*, who all spend hours each day perched at a computer.

After I wrote an article “Make Your Own Standing Desk” I realized that even though ergonomics was a big part of my life, I was still using a standing desk made out of an upside down tray, placed on the second drawer of my bedroom dresser, with an old dusty file box on top. While I certainly saw the value in ergonomics, there were serious barriers to standing desk ownership. 

For me, the main barriers were size and cost. At that time the standing desks available were meant for an office environment, so they were big and ugly. Even the smallest and handsomest standing desk would have been very awkward and cumbersome in my small condo. The cost was also $1-3k per unit, depending on the size, quality and package. While these desks often had enough power to lift a station wagon, they were ugly, way to expensive, and they would still force me to crank my neck downwards, or slouch, if I wanted to use a laptop.   

I started thinking about how I would make a standing desk to be ergonomic while I used my laptop. I also needed it to be compact, to fit in my one bedroom condo.  Also, because of the small space, I couldn't hide it away in some office down the hall, it would need fit the aesthetic of my living room.  

I made a few sketches, brainstormed with my sister, then sent the results over to my parents. My mother, an industrial designer, thrives on new ideas and brainstorming, so we collectively developed the idea. Eventually, my parents and sister secretly fabricated a prototype of our design. To my surprise, it was a functional desk that fit all of my criteria. It certainly needed a little more time in the oven, but it evolved into the desk that we are very proud to offer today. 

We believe that we've created a good looking, compact, ergonomic, wall-mounted standing desk. We build the desks by hand in Sudbury, Ontario, and we're proud to have helped remove asses from chairs all over the world. 

Thanks for reading!
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