"The wall-mounted standing desk was the perfect pick for my new office."

     -Sean (Connecticut) 


"I had set up my standing desk next to the window. So, on top of being able to exercise or dance while working, I have also enjoyed watching birds and getting fresh air. Working from home is now more enjoyable, which gives me more time with my children. All in all, the standing desk was a great investment for me."

     -Natalie (Ottawa)




"It's a great product you make. I am enjoying the desk and getting acclimated to standing more. It was an easy install, I hit a stud right in the middle of my wall. Your product offers that aesthetic and functionality I was looking for. Not to mention the space savings. I will be recommending to people I know. Hopefully I can get you some converts here in Pittsburgh. Best of luck to you and your business."

     -Larry (Pittsburgh)



"Finally got around to putting up my Gereghty Standing Desk. Took 3 minutes to install and none of the instructions were Swedish! I use it every day. Hasn't given me abs yet but my posture feels better."           

     -Jesse (Ottawa)


"Thanks again, it’s all set up and working well, the larger size, for me, works perfectly. Now to get my body used to standing for longer…Again, thanks for making it to my custom size."

     -Francesca (Australia)



"Received, installed, and in use, although my body is still getting used to it. You've developed a great design, and your execution is great- it looks beautiful."

     -David (Guelph)



 "Then I found your Desk and my wife convinced me that it was the best option. I didn’t have any problems setting it up. Your instructions are very detailed and drilling two holes in a dry wall can’t be too hard. I’d never used a standing desk before, but it didn’t take me too long to adjust. With a standing mat and just a few breaks I can now comfortably work 5-6 hours per day. I constantly stretch and walk around the room which also turned out to be beneficial for my work that involves a lot of thinking. The desk also has come handy when playing electric guitar (for recording or reading sheet music on the laptop).

The overall design of the desk is very smart. The size of both surfaces feels perfect and I like how you’ve given wiring some thought. It hadn’t been visible on the images on your website, so I was glad I could just thread the charging cable through those holes on the back."
     -Artem (US)



Standing Desk in San Francisco

 "I got the desk - and I gotta say - I'm really impressed. It's awesome. You've made a great product. Gonna make a big difference for my posture! Thanks a ton!"

     -Jeff (San Francisco)



"Thanks for the quick delivery. Checkout my new desk next to my desk! Had a stud there too so it all worked out well. Will take some getting used to but I like it already."

     -AJ (Woodbridge, ON)


"Yes the standing desk went up pretty fast.  It was for our son who is 17 and not finished growing yet.  We allowed for a little space to elevate it if he grows anymore, which I think will happen.  Good quality."

     -Wendy (Stirling, ON)


"I LOVE it. I get soo many compliments on it as well. It is a really cool design piece as well as super functional. I had already been standing at work, so I didn't have the transition issues. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful desk!"

     -Mary (San Francisco)


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