This is the place to come for everything related to installing, setting up and using your standing desk.

What is the optimal height for my desk?

The spine is the curiously shaped piece of hardwood that you attach to your wall. Follow the these instructions to find the optimal height for installing the spine. 


  1. Hold your open laptop (or tablet) flat against the wall in front of your face. Make sure that you’re standing straight and comfortably. Raise or lower the laptop until the top line of pixels is aligned with your eyes.
  2. Make a mark on the wall just under your laptop (or on a post-it, if you’d like to avoid marking your wall). As seen in picture above. 
  3. Locate the “Top” label on the back of your spine. Place the back of the spine on the wall, and align the "Top" hole with the mark that you've made on the wall in Step 2. Move to instructions below.


How do I install the spine?

 The spine installation will be different, depending on whether you’ll be installing into a wooden stud or into drywall.

 Into a stud:

  1. Determine the optimal height of the spine using the directions above. 
  2. Use a screwdriver (#8 Robertson), or a drill, to screw the 3" woodscrew through the hole at the top of the spine. Do not fully tighten, yet.
  3. Gravity should allow the bottom of the spine to straighten underneath; you can also adjust by hand to ensure that it’s straight. Drill the woodscrew into the front hole of the bottom joint.
  4. Tighten both screws. The spine should feel solid against the wall. 


Into Drywall:

  1. Determine the optimal height of the spine using the directions above.
  2. Use a pencil to mark the hole in the top of the spine.
  3. Follow the directions on the package of the drywall anchors to install an anchor for the top of the spine. Use one of the screws provided in the drywall anchor package to adhere the spine to the anchor in the wall. Do not fully tighten yet.
  4. With the top of the spine adhered to the wall, the bottom should fall straight into place. If not, straighten the bottom of the spine by hand.
  5. Again, use the instructions on the back of the wall anchor package to install the anchor under the lower hole of the spine.
  6. Use the bolts provided in the wall anchor package to adhere the spine to the wall.


What height should I set my desktops?

The height of the upper desktop is important because it allows you to stand straight and avoid slouching. The general rule is that your eyes should be in line with the top of the screen.

The lower desktop should be positioned at a height that will allow your elbows to be around 90 degrees. The goal is to be able to type and operate the mouse while keeping your elbows bent, your neck up, and your shoulders low and relaxed. That’s where the magic happens.


How do I set up the desktop surfaces?

  1. Grab the desktop with both hands. 
  2. Position the desktop so that the square cut-out portion of the desktop is aligned with the cut-out portion of the spine, then push carefully and firmly. 
  3. Place the carriage bolt through the hole at the rear of the spine and tighten the wing-nut on the other side. Note: If the carriage bolt is not going through the hole easily, try wiggling the desktop up and down. 
  4. To remove the desktop from the spine, remove the carriage bolt, grasp the desktop with both hands, pull.


  1. Do not place more than 25lbs on each desktop surface.
  2. Do not lean or otherwise place body weight on the desk.
  3. Do not place children on the desk, or use the desk as a change pad.
  4. Install the desk out of reach of children.
  5. Place heavier objects as close to the spine (or back wall) as possible.